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Pro Vision Construction was formed with the philosophy that remodeling is much more than adding value and beauty to your home – remodeling is a service!

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Long after the dust has settled in your home, the quality of
service you received during the duration of the project will
affect your satisfaction with the end product. Because we
understand this, Pro Vision focuses not only on the quality
of the project, but also on you and your needs during each

It’s this focus and our commitment of excellence that has
allowed Pro Vision to develop an extremely high customer
satisfaction rating.

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When you work with an experienced professional, it shows.


The difference between a quality, successful project and one that isn’t often lies in the expertise of your remodeling
professional. This understanding is why Mel Raeker, Pro Vision’s founder, worked for more than 40 years in the
construction industry, in all facets of the construction process, before he, along with his wife, Denise, created Pro
Vision Construction.
Because Mel is an integral part of every project, each of our customers benefit from his years of experience and
extensive knowledge of construction, project management and design options.