Jun 17

4 Popular Luxury Home Additions

Changing the look and feel of your home can be accomplished cost effectively with a home addition. You can add a wide range of living spaces that can enhance the quality of life spent in your home. There are many home additions that are luxurious in nature and can provide you with a more enjoyable […]

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May 28

5 Tips to Add a Mediterranean Touch to Your Home

When thinking about Mediterranean style houses, you are sure to instantly think of the homes in Greece or along the mountainside of Italy, and possibly even houses in southern Spain. All of these examples feature beautiful homes and they each have their own unique characteristics across the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to incorporate some […]

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May 19

5 Railing Ideas for Your Home Porch

One of the most important pieces of a porch is the railing. Its primary purpose is to ensure safety from falling off of your porch, but it can also be used to add character and fun detail to your home. Let us not belittle the aesthetic value that can be gained from adding a porch […]

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Apr 30

5 Easy Tips to Enhance the Luxury of Your Home

When you think of luxurious and glamorous homes, you most likely associate those thoughts with expensive decorators, costly furniture and pricey pieces. However, there are many ways that you can make your home look more luxurious without having to spend a lot of money. Here are some of the best ways to optimize the appearance […]

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Apr 15

3 Compelling Reasons to Remodel Your Old Home

Below we have provided a few reasons why it is a great idea to update an old home. Old homes are a unique project and here are some reasons why it is worth taking on. To Keep History Alive. One of the beautiful benefits of having an old house is that you get a glimpse […]

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Mar 30

How Can Windows Impact Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is often cited as adding not only giving a financial boost to the value of your home, but also creating an inviting dwelling that stands out and reflects your personality. Color schemes, landscaping and the architecture of your home obviously affect your curb appeal, but have you ever considered how greatly new windows […]

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Mar 16

Tips for Creating a Perfect Deck to Entertain

Looking to enhance your backyard deck to get the most use out of it this coming season takes some mindful thinking in its design and its function. Whether you want a new deck design or just want to further develop your current deck, you will be able to use the tips below to get you […]

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Feb 26

The True Importance of Porches

The back yard barbecue event certainly has its place in the dialogue about what can make family life great. In all truth, it’s the American front porch that stands as an icon of good times with family and friends. Front porch swings, rocking chairs, patio furniture on the porch, screened-in porches, sleeping porches; most people […]

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Feb 23

How to Bring the Indoors…Outdoors

Creating a back porch or deck space that is appealing, comfortable and functional takes some strategic thought. Thinking about each detail of the space specifically is going to really bring the whole space together. Start by thinking of your back porch or deck as an extension of your home. As much as we try to […]

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Jan 30

Great Flooring & Paint Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen, in most homes, is the center of activity. It is not only the place of cooking and eating but also a natural gathering spot. Taking time to put thought into the comfort and functionality of your kitchen will make you happy in the long run. Take time to create a kitchen remodeling plan […]

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