At Pro Vision, we specialize in transforming unattractive, aged and faulty bathrooms to rooms that are beautiful, functional and modern. Conventional or exotic, a minor update or a complete renovation, we will create for you a stunning bathroom and heighten the luxury and value of your Edina, MN home.

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  • Edina MN Bathroom Remodel Project
  • Edina MN Bathroom Remodel Project

About this Edina, MN bathroom remodel project:

We were hired to provide Edina, MN bathroom remodel services for the owner of this modern home. The project was actually part of a total dormer reconstruction. We provided renovation throughout the upper floor of the home as well.

Our proudest feature in this bathroom is its beautiful custom cabinetry. We installed cherry cabinets made of real wood. Not only is this feature gorgeous; it will last for years. Cherry cabinetry is a very popular option for homeowners for many reasons. For one, it is generally cost effective. Another is that the color of cherry cabinetry only becomes richer as the wood ages. The wood is incredibly smooth and its color works in harmony with the rest of the bathroom’s elements.

The HanStone countertop we installed will give this homeowner a significant return for his investment. The countertop is resistant to scratches as well as bacterial growth. It has a stunning appearance and it is incredibly easy to maintain. In fact, you do not even have to polish it to keep it looking new.

When it came to the flooring, we installed custom vinyl tiles. The use of vinyl tiles made this project much more affordable for the homeowner. In addition, vinyl flooring has many benefits and you get a lot for your money. For example, the flooring we installed may last for decades because vinyl tiles are very durable. They also look appealing and enhance the class and comfort of the bathroom. Our careful installation ensures that the floor is resistant to stains and damage from water, dents and scrapes. Vinyl is also extremely comfortable to walk on.

To finish this Edina, MN bathroom remodel project, we added a new interior door to the bathroom. In fact, we replaced the doors throughout the upper level of the home.

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