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Home Design

When creating your custom home design, you deserve a home builder who is experienced at harmonizing your personal style with the style of your dream home. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul home designers work to apply all of your ideas to their designs.

We Offer an Interactive Home Design Process

If you need inspiration to discover what you desire in your home, we will work with you to gather and arrange all of your custom home design ideas from magazines, pictures and-or our collection of house plans so that we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

When we first meet to discuss your design needs, we can supply a blank sheet of paper so that you can give us an idea of what you are looking for in your custom home. In addition, we can provide you with our existing house plans and make the proper adjustments to produce your dream home on paper.

We Incorporate Every Detail of Your Design

When we are constructing our clients’ custom homes, we use only highest quality materials to deliver fully functional, beautiful and safe structures.

Utilizing state-of-the-art design software, we work closely with our home remodeling clients in the Twin Cities area to completely plan their construction projects while adhering to their budgets.

Our build and design services are extremely thorough throughout the process, from material selection to color schemes to rendering professionally designed layouts so that you’ll have a thorough understanding of how your space will look.

We Choose Us?

When we are planning your home design, we will not pressure you to move forward if you are not happy with the initial plans. There is no obligation to undertake such a project unless you are certain that the design is to your satisfaction.

We strive to ensure that the design process is an enjoyable experience for you. We will keep you informed on when the construction phase will begin and how long the entire project will take.

From design to completion.

Whether your vision is a new kitchen or bath, we work hand-in-hand with you. See how!

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