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  • Home Remodel in St. Paul, MN

Details of this St. Paul Home Remodel Project:

This St. Paul homeowner did not have a back yard exterior that fit their particular needs and desires. They had a vision of having a private, four-season porch. A full-season porch is a great feature to have in Minnesota where we experience significant weather variations. We were extremely excited to take on this St. Paul, MN home remodeling project.

In the end, we wanted this homeowner to have an elegant and comfortable living space in his backyard. Backyard living spaces have become very popular in the past decade. They are perfect for enjoying nature while feeling the comfort of your own home.

During the first phase of the project, we built the upper level full-season porch. The porch features tongue and groove knotty cedar, hardwood flooring, and energy-efficient Marvin windows with a bird’s-eye view.

Before the construction phase, the home had a lower level porch. This section of the home had no style and was only used as a storage space. This homeowner deserved to have a spot to entertain guests or relax in the comfort of their back yard. That is why we converted the lower level porch from an unusable cold damp storage area to a cozy gathering spot to enjoy garden views.

When this St. Paul, MN home remodeling project was complete, the added usable space in the home’s backyard certainly made this homeowner content and it also improved the resale value of the house. He mentioned that the renovation added significant elegance and beauty to the exterior of the home.

Another benefit of this St. Paul, MN home remodeling project is that the new living space in the backyard will require minimal maintenance to retain its beauty and efficiency.

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